Sunray Shadow Tube Fly

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Sunray Shadow Tube Fly

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Sunray Shadow - Salmon Tube Fly

Probably one of the most popular salmon flies used on almost every salmon river world-wide. The fly is basically a long, black wing on a tube, but with a stiff underwing to keep it from hooking itself and a visible top to add a little flash, The Sunray Shadow is essentially a turbo charged Collie Dog - the ultimately minimalistic salmon fly!

Ray Brooks' original Sunray Shadow was created in Norway on the banks of the river Laerdal. Rumour has it that is became so popular, widespread and proved so efficient that Ray Brooks had it patented. We have searched and found no patent so we have our own variation of this popular fly. It is tied using our own Luminescent Sparklemet and peacock herl on the overwing.

Tying Pattern

ThreadBlack Thread
Tube Plastic 0.5" to 2"
Underwing White Bucktail
Main Wing Long Black goathair (or monkey). The original was tied with black and white Colobus Monkey!)
Overwing Peacock herl and Luminous Sparklemet

Fishing The Sunray Shadow

Normally the Sunray Shadow (or any salmon fly) is casting it downstream and across. You mend the line to let the fly sink and then allow it to swing across the current towards the bank. The Sunray Shadow will work with the microcurrents in the water and due to the long and soft wing be appear to be very much alive with significant movement. Some salmon anglers gently move the rod tip inducing even more movement into the fly.
By mending the line upstream as the Sunray Shadow moves to decrease its speed and even make it sink a bit or alternatively mend downstream to speed it up and lift it a bit in the water column. Many salmon anglers find that the fish will strike as the speed increases and the drag in the rod is at its highest. A less traditional way of fishing the Sunray Shadow is to cast it upstream and letting it sink. As there is no drag from the line, the fly will sink faster. You will be able to fish a lot deeper than on the downstream swing. Remember to keep contact with the Sunray Shadow when fishing upstream so you can set the hook if a salmon strikes the Sunray Shadow on the almost slack line. Finally you can alwaysskate the Sunray Shadow temptingly across a pool!


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Fishing a Sunray Shadow
Monday, 30 April 2012  | 

The most effective way I have seen this fished is on Northern Scottish rivers where a riffle loop is placed over the neck of the fly and it is then fished on a short line accross a pool. The knack is to cast out and immediately lift the rod so that just the fly and a couple of feet of leader are in contact with the water. The fly is then skated back over the water created quite a wake on the surface, it is then lifted off and cast again. It takes a lot of energy to do this with a double handed rod but the effects are fabulous as it can bring fish right of the bottom. It also pays to have a second rod standing by with an Allys Shrimp or a Cascade on the line and if movement is seen to retrieve the Sunray Shadow and immediately cast back over the movement with the second rod. As you can imagine it also pays to have a Ghillie with you at this time!

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