Wet Daddies - Subsurface Daddy Long Legs Trout Fly Patterns

Crane flies (Tipulidae) are commonly known as daddies or daddy-long legs. A major characteristic of the cranefly is its long legs, these become shed very easily if they are trapped or handled. Adults are often found near water, grass or rank vegetation.

Wet Daddy Fishing Techniques

Use a floating flyline and tapered leader or droppered leader to present your subsurface Daddy fly pattern neatly to trout and carp. Try daddies g near margins or use a beadhead daddy with a slow retrieve or suspend under a Thingamabobber for stunning resuilts from July to October. Daddies are highly varied, look carefully at the colours and sizes of Daddly Longlegs or craneflies as they flutter about the margins and try and match the size reasonably closely.


Daddy Long Legs Hatch Chart


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Beadhead Daddy Long Legs

Beadhead Daddy Long Legs£1.30   £1.20

Fly Size 10

Black Tungsten Daddy

Black Tungsten Daddy£1.30   £1.20


Fly Size 10

Goldbead Daddy #10

Goldbead Daddy #10£1.60

Rubber Legs Daddy

Rubber Legs Daddy£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10

Tungsten Chartreuse Daddy

Tungsten Chartreuse Daddy£1.30   £1.20

Fly Size 10

Tungsten Orange Daddy

Tungsten Orange Daddy£1.30   £1.20

Fly Size 10

Tungsten Pink Daddy

Tungsten Pink Daddy£1.30   £1.20

Fly Size 10

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