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What is a Stimulator Fly?

The Stimulator often just called "Stims" is an amazing fly trout pattern.  The Stimulator fly was originally developed by Randall Kaufmann to imitate a stonefly adult.  But that is not the only insect the Stimulator flies can  imitate, it can be seen as a grasshopper, caddis or even large drake mayflies! It is also a great dry fly for fishing a dropper underneath - during summer we see Stimulators with Buzzers suspended below, the Stimulator looks like a caddis or sedge. The bushy profile and deer hair make the Stimulator a highly buoyant fly.

Stimulator Flies Seasonal Usage Guide

Imitate a Stonefly, hatching March to October, plus a Caddis or Sedge which hatches from June to October, this fly is al fly for all seasons.

Stimulator Flies Usage Guide

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Simulator£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 16

Stimulator Green

Stimulator Green£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10, 12, 14

Stimulator Orange

Stimulator Orange£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10, 12, 14

Stimulator Peacock

Stimulator Peacock£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10, 12, 14

Stimulator Yellow

Stimulator Yellow£1.05   £0.90

Fly Size 10, 12, 14

Unibobber Stimulator Peacock

Unibobber Stimulator Peacock£1.30   £1.20

Fly Size 12

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