Starburst Wobbler Salmon Fly
 Starburst Wobbler Salmon FlyStarburst Wobbler Salmon Fly 

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Starburst Wobbler Salmon Fly

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Having a bad day! Just 'Throw a Wobbler'

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Model:  EF-1600-4
Bar Code:  886741003827
Brand:  The Essential Fly


Starburst Wobbler - Salmon / Steelhead Fly

Having a bad day! Just 'Throw a Wobbler'

The Starburst Wobbler was invented by Sandy Dickson, Sandy is the lead fly designer for The Essential Fly and has created the Sunburst Wobbler which is an absolute killer salmon / steelhead pattern. Sandy is described as the fly tyers tyer, he has worked with many of the worlds leading fly tyers. Totally tempting to salmon this fly has been tested on both sides of the pond and found to tempt salmon who are attracted by the fantastic mix of colour, shape and action of the Starburst Wobbler.

Pike fishermen have used vanes on their lures for decades, knowing that the vane induces a wobble action and helps the lure dive making them highly attractive and induce takes from these predators. As salmon do not feed in fresh water we try exactly the same, through colour and action we are trying to induce that take. Sandy had tried creating the action in the early days shaping plastic straws, however withthe creation of commercial wobble fly vanes this has become less arduous. However as the first commercial manufacturer to manufacture volume wobble flies The Essential Fly has moved salmon fishing forward in the largest leap in many years. This is one salmon fishing fly you cannot do without!

Step By Step Tying Guide

  1. Use a single size 4 TG Salmon Hook or Partridge Wilson Low Water Single Hook. Glue the wobbler vane size 4 to the front of the fly then tie in using black thread and varnish.

  1. Tie in a single strand of The Essential Fly Holographic Gold Supermet with a single strand of oval gold thread for the rib. Tie this forward.
  1. Before the first hackle tie in 7 to 9 strands of The Essential Fly Holographic Gold Sparklemet
  1. Finish your Starburst Wobbler with 3 turns of Trilobal Gold 30mm as the primary hackle and then 1 single turn of Black Hen Hackle of the same size.


Having a bad day! Just 'Throw a Wobbler'

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