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Spinning Rods

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Truebait Sla 12Ft 30-60G

Truebait Sla 12Ft 30-60G£89.99   £85.40

Truebait Sla 11Ft20-40G

Truebait Sla 11Ft20-40G£84.99   £80.70

Truespin Sla 10Ft  20-50G

Truespin Sla 10Ft 20-50G£79.99   £75.90

Truespin Sla 8Ft  10-30G

Truespin Sla 8Ft 10-30G£69.99   £66.40

Truespin 9Ft  15-40G

Truespin 9Ft 15-40G£74.99   £65.00

Leeda Spin 10Ft Spinning Rod

Leeda Spin 10Ft Spinning Rod£19.99   £18.90

Leeda Spin 8Ft

Leeda Spin 8Ft£19.99   £18.90

Leeda Spin Rod 9Ft

Leeda Spin Rod 9Ft£19.99   £18.90

Leeda Tele Spin 8Ft£14.99   £14.20


Spinning Rods

Spinning is technique used with spinners or flying c's for salmon. Salmon spinning rods come in different strengths to cast different weight lures.

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