Snaelda Flies - Salmon Tube Fly Patterns

What are Snaelda Tube Flies?

The Snaelda salmon fly pattern is a very popular salmon fly pattern used throughout Europe on many great Salmon rivers. Snaelda is Icelandic for a dancing girl. There are many versions in these flies but the most common flies must be the Black Yellow & Orange  or the Black Yellow & Green This fly pattern is a very popular fly in Scotland, Russia and of course Iceland where it has its origins.

Fishing Snaelda Tube Fly Patterns

As the Snaelda fly is based on tubes these can be used with any hook permitted on the waters you sare fishing for salmon. The smaller 0.5 inch tube flies will be fished more in brighter summer weather. Larger flies are used early season or late season. Like any salmon tube fly you can use the flies on sinking flylines to get the flies deep in Spate waters.

Varying Color By Season

Use green colour in flies in the early part of the season.  Larger 1 inch flies will be used in early and late salmon fishing season. In The middle of the seaon, during summer you should be using the smaller 0.5 inch flies in brighter colours.

As these are tube flies use relevant size and type of hooks for the water. Typically a small double tube fly hook is sufficient for Snaelda tube flies all year round.

Tube Fishing Techniques

To tie the  fly onto the end of your leader, simply pull the hook from the rear of the plastic tube, tie the hook to your leader and re-insert the hook into the tube. If the hook becomes damaged it can be easily replaced without disposing the fly. If you have problems of the hook inserting itself up the tube thread on a bead at the rear of the tube just in front of the hook eye. Always have spare hooks with you!

Cast your across the current and letting it swing normally.  An alternative method of fishing the Snaelda fly is by casting upstream and letting it sink. Coming downstream there is no drag from the flyline, the fly will sink more rapidly this way, and you will be able to fish a lot deeper than on the downstream arc. Please keep contact with the fly when fishing upstream, enabling you to set the hook if a fish should strike the fly on the almost slack line!

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