Silver Pheasant Feathers for Fly Tying Materials

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Silver Pheasant Body Feathers

Silver Pheasant Body Feathers£4.32   £3.67

Silver Pheasant Body Skin-1St Quality

Silver Pheasant Body Skin-1St Quality£63.60   £54.06

Silver Pheasant Body Skin-2Nd Quality

Silver Pheasant Body Skin-2Nd Quality£47.88   £40.70

Silver Pheasant Fly Tying Feathers

silver pheasant feathers for fly tying - There are several styles of flies where the silver pheasant feathers are used to help simulate the shape and colors of nymphs hatching along the trout and salmon streams. Silver pheasant feathers are used for wings, heads and tails on flies, depending on the pattern. Silver pheasant feathers typically come from the Lewis silver pheasant found throughout Southeast Asia 

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