Missing orders

Q)  I had a dispatch email from you some time ago, though as of yet my order hasn't arrived.  Please can you look in to this?

A)  As the Royal Mail is our chosen courier for the majority of our orders, we follow the Royal Mail's guidelines.  Each order shipped by the Royal Mail is sent by first class delivery, meaning that your order should arrive inside of the following time frame:

UK:  next working day (including Saturdays)

Western Europe:  within 3 working days

Eastern Europe:  within 5 working days

Rest of World:  5 to 7 working days

As with all services provided, the above are targets, and these can be missed - particularly when shipping abroad and dealing with Customs, or handing over to a local delivery firm that may have different time frames.  Therefore if deliveries haven't arrived in the following time scales, please contact us & we'll look after you:

UK:   15 working days

UK Special Delivery:  10 working days

Europe:  20 working days

Rest of World:  25 working days

Note that missing orders must be reported to us within 28 days of having placed your order.  We will be unable to act on any missing orders if reported to us outside of the 28 day limit.

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