Shipmans Buzzer Black

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Shipmans Buzzer Black

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Model:  EF-5720-10
Bar Code:  886741017114
Brand:  The Essential Fly
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Shipman's Buzzer Black created by Dave Shipman. The Shipman's Buzzer Black is best described as a 'damp' fly. The Shipman's Buzzer Black is designed to sit in the surface film. Iriginally created in 1979-1080 is has become extremely popular in recent years with stillwater anglers and is available with many different body colours. The Shipman's Buzzer Black is designed to imitate a hatching midhe. The white antron breathers at either end of the body keep the Shipman's Buzzer Black floating. To increase the surface area of the Shipman's Buzzer Black we recommend that the body is roughed up with a piece of velcro before floatant is applied. The Shipman's Buzzer Black was designed as a stillwater pattern however in small sizes, say Shipman's Buzzer Black size 18 it will work in running water, especially on glassy pools and glides. A thin rib or lurex is wound around the body of the Shipman's Buzzer Black to suggest sparking gasses trapped under the skin of the hatching midge pupa.

As the name indicates dry flies which include Shipman's Buzzer Black are designed to float on the surface of the water. Trout dry flies types which include Shipman's Buzzer Black imitate a wide variery of flies and insects which inhabit the surface of the water. There is nothing like using dry flies and watching trout and grayling rise to the surface. To purists dry fly fishing is the true art-form of fly fishing, indeed some rivers only permit dry fly fishing. There are some dry flies (e.g. the Popper, Muddlers) which are designed to attract fish by the action of creating a surface disturbance. The flies are made from very bouyant materials (e.g, cork, ethafoam or deer hair, the latter having a generous application of floatant). A Muddler retrieved upwind of a rise can often result in a bulge in the water as the fish follows the fly.

Dry Fly Fishing Techniques With The Shipman's Buzzer Black

A dry fly like Shipman's Buzzer Black has flotant (Gink is the most popular) warmed in your hand and gently rubbed into the hackles to help Shipman's Buzzer Black float and they are usually cast singly on a trout tapered leader. A floating line is used, but with the tapered leader de-greased so that it does not glint and flash light spooking the trout

Buzzers - Shipman's Buzzer Black

Buzzers imitated by flies like Shipman's Buzzer Black are midge pupa and take their name from the buzzing noise they make when in a swarm. They start life as a bloodworm and live in the soft mud found in most still waters. These blood red worms get their colour from the oxygen and hemaglobin held within their bodies. When they are getting near to hatching they lose their blood red colour and take on a more somber appearance. They then make their way from the lake bottom up through the water columns to the surface. This is achieved by a wriggly swimming action. They swim towards the surface then stop either to catch their breath or waiting for the right conditions to hatch. When they stop wriggling towards the surface they slowly sink back down before swimming upwards again. When they eventually reach the surface they hang from the surface film and hatch out in to adult buzzers or midge.

The life cycles of the buzzer can be imitated with a good degree of accuracy, they hatch out on virtually every day of the year. Some of the hatches will be localised and may not be spotted unless fishing in that area. Buzzer hatches can be spotted, by either looking for the adult fly, or finding the spent pupa bodies (shucks) in the surface film.

Shipman's Buzzer Black - Fly Tying Dressing

Fly Tying Difficulty: 2

For the more adventurous among you we have provided tying specifications for the Shipman's Buzzer Black. Remember at The Essential Fly we sell the Shipman's Buzzer Black at incredible prices with a top quality fly and service to back it up. It is certainly worth tying the Shipman's Buzzer Black yourself to understand the pleasure of catching a fish with your own tied fly, however at the price we sell flies it is only worth tying one or two Shipman's Buzzer Black as your can spend more time fishing instead of tying flies - buy volume online with us.

Hook Sizes

Down eyed Size 10 to 16

Silk Thread


Tail and head filaments

White antron


Black seal's fur or substitute


Flat gold tinsel


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These rock!
Friday, 13 May 2016  | 

I have tied these myself but as I was putting in an order I thought that I would add a few of these. Unfortunately they are not barbless so I had to crush the barb, which does still make them harder to get out of the fish. So the local rainbows were feeding on the tiny grey midges here in Massachusetts on a lovely spring day. All my tiny flies were getting eaten by the bluegills and shiners (a bit like tiny rudd) so I popped one of these on. The fish loved them! Probably about 10 takes in 2 hours (better than usual) with 5 to the net. I missed several as I had damaged the hook on a tree and not noticed. Technique was to keep a tight line and let the fish hook themselves with a small lift of the rod. The other trick is not to put too much pressure on the fish as the small hooks tend to come out when they jump. The crushed barb was a problem on a couple of the fish - didn't want to come out cleanly. May well buy more - especially if there is a barbless version!

Shipmans' Buzzers
Monday, 29 April 2013  | 

Your Shipman's buzzers are well tied and are excellently dressed. What's more the trout appear to like them.


Great news John. Personally we love them and will rough them up with velcrose to ensure that rough look of the original design, this adds to the floatability as when rough they sit even better in the surface film. Tight lines from the team here!

Saturday, 16 July 2011  | 

Impecable service. Flies caught fish on their first outing. Why shop elsewhere? I don't.

Friendly helpful service
Friday, 1 July 2011  | 

Thanks for the very prompt service which got me my flies in time for the competition. The shipmans were lethal just as the evening rise came on. Didn't tell anyone what I was using and frustrated the hell out of them.

Friday, 12 February 2010  | 

Great flies and great service,highly recommended.

service & flies
Tuesday, 14 October 2008  | 

Really first class service the flies are also top notch. I will be coming back for more.

Expertly Tied.
Friday, 26 September 2008  | 

All fly boxes should have a selection of Black Flies, this is no exception. Superb Quality.

The Essential Fly
Saturday, 19 July 2008  | 

Excellent products, excellent service! Definitely recommended

Friday, 18 July 2008  | 

A great buzzer. Teamed it with a 3D epoxy nymph and had a lot of success

Saturday, 12 April 2008  | 

Superbly tied. Sits perfect in the surface film, even after a take, couple of quick casts and it's back where it should be, rather than sinking like so many others I've tried in the past.

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