Semperfli Wire

The Semperfli range of wires are all non-tarnishing so the colour and vibrancy will last long after your fly has been tied and you can use them in saltwater with no worries.

Each spool of Semperfli non-tarnishing wire comes complete with a removable cap so that you can trap the wire end underneath it to stop your wire from unravelling and turning into a spring.

As Semperfli machinery complets touching turns this means that the wire will sit neatly and not get trapped under a different layer to make your tying stress free.

Diameter Meters per spool Application
0.1mm 40 Dry or Micro
0.2mm 20 Nymph, Buzzer or Salmon
0.3mm 10 Heavy Nymphs & Copper Johns, Streamers, Salmon, Sea Trout or Predator
0.5mm 9 Salmon, Sea Trout, Saltwater or larger flies