Semperfli Fly Tying Tinsels

Semperfli Fly Tying Tinsels

Tinsel is used heavily for lures and many different flies. Traditionally tinsels came in hanks which is very wasteful as more of the hank gets used. The Semperfli team searched for tinsels that were ideal in colour for fly tying but also decided to spool the tinsels to avoid wastage. Fly tyers can use any length of tinsel they require from huge pike pike flies to small buzzers or nymphs straight from the spool with Semperfli. Whatever your fly tying need, coloured mylar tinsels, holographic tinsels or french oval tinsel you will find a solution in the Semperfli fly tying materials range.

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Flat Tinsel Black

Flat Tinsel Black£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Blue

Flat Tinsel Blue£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Copper

Flat Tinsel Copper£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Dark Pink

Flat Tinsel Dark Pink£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Green

Flat Tinsel Green£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Large Gold

Flat Tinsel Large Gold£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Large Silver

Flat Tinsel Large Silver£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Medium Gold

Flat Tinsel Medium Gold£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Medium Silver

Flat Tinsel Medium Silver£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Pearl

Flat Tinsel Pearl£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Purple

Flat Tinsel Purple£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Red

Flat Tinsel Red£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Small Gold

Flat Tinsel Small Gold£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Small Silver

Flat Tinsel Small Silver£1.75   £1.00

Flat Tinsel Teal

Flat Tinsel Teal£1.75   £1.00

French Oval Tinsel Large Gold

French Oval Tinsel Large Gold£2.65   £1.50

French Oval Tinsel Large Silver

French Oval Tinsel Large Silver£2.65   £1.50

French Oval Tinsel Medium Gold

French Oval Tinsel Medium Gold£2.65   £1.50

French Oval Tinsel Medium Silver

French Oval Tinsel Medium Silver£2.65   £1.50

French Oval Tinsel Thin Gold

French Oval Tinsel Thin Gold£2.65   £1.50

Holographic Tinsel Aqua

Holographic Tinsel Aqua£1.75   £1.00

Holographic Tinsel Gold

Holographic Tinsel Gold£1.75   £1.00

Holographic Tinsel Purple

Holographic Tinsel Purple£1.75   £1.00

Holographic Tinsel Rose

Holographic Tinsel Rose£1.75   £1.00

Holographic Tinsel Silver

Holographic Tinsel Silver£1.75   £1.00

Iridescent Thread Green

Iridescent Thread Green£2.95

Iridescent Thread Pearl

Iridescent Thread Pearl£2.95

Iridescent Thread Rainbow

Iridescent Thread Rainbow£2.95

Iridescent Thread Red

Iridescent Thread Red£2.95

Iridescent Thread Silver

Iridescent Thread Silver£2.95

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