Sandys Flutter Collars Add Movement To Your Streamer Flies

Sandys Flutter Collars Add Movement To Your Streamer Flies

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Sandys Flutter Collars

Sandy Dickson has designed a collar for lures that brings your fly to life!

The flutter collar brings your fly alive – the flutter allows you to use the softest imaginable materials including Krystal Chenille and Straggle Fritz's.

The Flutter Collar gives your lures unique swimming properties. Because the Flutter collar is designed to push away water with its faceted surface it allows your fly push away as much water as possible, reacting its own turbulent water stream that will make even the softest materials to move and maintain their volume even in the slowest and hardest of currents.

The effect of the Flutter Collar is amazing, try like Sandy did putting a lure in a bath or sink and pull it to see the effect of the Flutter Collar. Tie the softest of marabou flies and it will maintain a volume and a lifelike action you never thought possible.

Without the Flutter Collar marabou, Krystal Chenille's flatten and turn into a thin, dead string of hairs in hard current. The Flutter Collar creates its own turbulence – its own current, where the material in the fly works in an incredible way. Finally, you can fish with the most lifelike and soft material in all pools on all imaginable fish lies.

25 flutter collars per pack


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