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Sandys Blank Buster Buzzer Sparklemet Lumi Buzzer Fine Gauge

Sandys Blank Buster Buzzer Sparklemet Lumi Buzzer Fine Gauge
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Our Part Number:  SD-1006-14
Bar Code:  5056544636286
Manufacturer Part Number:  SD-1006-14
Brand:  The Essential Fly

The Essential Fly


Very effective at dawn, dusk or dull days

Orange & Yellow

Best on bright days


Coloured water and bad light

Luminious Buzzer &
Sparklemet Lumi Buzzers

Best 1 hour before dawn and deadly 1 hour before dusk

Flash Attack

Use anytime of day

Sandy's Blank Buster Buzzer - Sparklemet Lumi Buzzer

Buzzers are midge pupa, they take their name from the buzzing noise they make when in a swarm. Buzzers hatch out on virtually every day of the year. Normally they are fished as part of a team of flies, with a long leader and very slow retrieve.

Sandy Dickson is on of the top fly deisgners in the UK and designs flies exclusively for The Essential Fly, critical of buzzers Sandy's Blank Buster Buzzers are designed to imitate as closely as possible the natural buzzers, with hot coloured heads that act as targets for hungry trout. This is the closest to a natural buzzer you can use without trying to thread a real buzzer onto your hook.

Sandy's Blank Buster Buzzer's gives a natural ribbed effect to the fly. This fly has worked wonders on stillwaters, ideally they are fished very slowly on a floating line and as long a leader as you are can use. With its weight the Epoxy Buzzer cuts rapidly through the surface film and gets to fishing depth quickly. A very slow figure-of-eight retrieve is normally best; occasionally if there is a lot of buzzer activity fairly fast stripping can work well. Quite often this will be taken on the drop.


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Sandy's Blank Buster wonders
Sunday, 18 January 2009  | 

These new flies will take the trout world by the neck and shake it up. They are sparsely tied and thin but they catch fish. The first time I used one it took 4 fish before they moved away and I have used them since and taken fish when other methods proved very slow or even dead and taken fish.They are yet another fine product from this great company. Try them-they really do work, no gimmic just a well tied fine fly which takes fish under most conditions..

The Essential Fly