Sandys Barbless Rhyacophilia Larva - Rockworm

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Sandys Barbless Rhyacophilia Larva - Rockworm

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Model:  bls-5064-10
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This is a stunning fly.  Freshwater shrimps are one of the key foods in the fish's larder. Fished on droppers with a team of 2 or 3 flies with a fine leader.  Whilst you can consider this a czech nymphing fly, as it is not heavily weighted it can be used either as a loose fly on a dropper (not the bottom dropper) or as part of a team.

Tip - You may be aware that the natural  ryhac clings to rocks via a thread as a type of safety line. You can imitate this thread using a brown permanent marker pen!  Using the marker pen, colour about 3 inches of your dropper and hey presto!



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