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Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line Floating Orange #6 (Length 90ft / 27.4m)

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Royal Wulff
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Fly Fishing
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36 feet Taper plus 54 feet running length

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30 Yds

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Royal Wulff

Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line Floating Orange

Royal Wulff Triangle Taper fly lines incorporate the award winning continuous forward taper in the first 36 to 40 feet which in turn provides the most efficient transfer of your cast as the heavier section of line is continually turning over the lighter lines. Thanks to this bespoke taper the presentation of flies on the water is done in the most delicate manor to date, and allows the finest roll casting line for up to 60’ casts.

Thanks to the combination of light running line and longer weighted forward line make casting the Triangle Taper fly lines just like a shooting head for distance, additionally the tip can be customised to your desired performance level by cutting off.

Each of the Triangle Taper fly lines is coated with Royal Wulff signature J3 coating, this coating ensures that your line shoots better, floats higher and repels water efficiently as well as the ability to make the line last longer. This stick coating has a dry feel which allows for minimal resistance for longer casts. To finish off the design Royal Wulff incorporate a welded loop for easy attachment.


  • Floating
  • Triangle Taper for delicate presentation
  • J3 Coating for durability and slickness
  • Welded loop
  • 90 foot total length
  • 36-40 foot taper
  • 54-50 foot running line

What makes the J3 coating different?

With J3 coating the line stays clean and slick for the life of the line, Royal Wulff designed the coating not as a spray like other manufacturers but as a specialised coating which they integrate into the line at time of manufacture. This provides years of super-slick performance.

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