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Royal Wulff 2-Tone Bermuda Triangle Taper Fly Line Floating #12 (Length 105ft / 32m)

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Royal Wulff
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Fly Fishing
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Tropic Blue/Sand
Tropic Blue / Sand

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35 Yds

The tropical colours of the 12 Weight fly line gives you a visual reference when casting so you can achieve the perfect cast every time. The head is a tropical blue colour which switches to a sand colour to identify the switch from the head to the running line allowing for no fault casting.

The tropical colours of this fly line allow it to withstand the blistering heat of tropical flats and blistering decks and will continue to fly like a rocket when others have folded up. This is because this line is built around a special 16 strand braided monofilament core that stays stiff to deliver blazing casts even in the blazing heat, making this the perfect holiday fly fishing line!

The lighter, neutral colours of this bumpy fishing line allows it to disappear into the sea and sky allowing for added stealth!

J3 coating  makes Triangle Tapers shoot better, floating higher, repelling water, and lasts longer. The slick J3 coating on each Triangle Fly Line  has a dry feel, minimizing resistance for longer distance casts. With its J3 coating the 12 weight fly line stays clean and slick for the life of the line! What makes this unique is J3 isn’t simply a spray that’s applied at the factory and reapplied later. J3 is a specialized coating integrated into 12 weight line itself, giving it years of super-slick performance.

Fly Line Running Length 75 feet
Taper Length 30 feet
Line Weight: 12 Weight
J3 Coating Yes
Welded Loop No (only available on weights 6-9)
Tri ID System No

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