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Upgrade your fishing and tackle with Rio!

We are very pleased to become a stockist of Rio Products, the lines that Rio make are out of this world, with technology built into the very core of each fly line you are certainly upgrading your tackle and ability to catch.

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What is the Technology?

Which is the correct line for me?

FISH CRAZY If you spend as much time on the water as the Rio team then you start thinking crazy thoughts. Like what is there was a way to make tropical fly lines that could excel at both short and long casts? Or how about a Spey line that lets you fish deep into heavy currents but can swing into soft-water hang downs without hanging up? Wouldn't that be awesome?! Lucky for all of us anglers that there is Rio Products with some of the most innovative engineers on the planet. They look out for ideas like yours the way a blitzing striper eyes a wounded bait fish.

To say they answer all of the anglers questions with solutions is an understatement. The numer of permit, tarpon, bonefish, steelhead, salmon and sea trout the the Rio team have taken during the R&D of their products proves it!

Turns out all of their crazy ideas aren't so crazy afterall. Not when they turn into fly lines that help anglers make more and better connections with fish. Of course, Rio are proud to build these lines in Idaho Falls and introduce them to the waters of the world.

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