Rio Products - Traditional Spey - InTouch Short Head Spey - Blue / Orange / Straw - WF9
 Rio Products - Traditional Spey - InTouch Short Head Spey - Blue / Orange / Straw - WF9Rio Products - Traditional Spey - InTouch Short Head Spey - Blue / Orange / Straw - WF9 

Rio Products - Traditional Spey - InTouch Short Head Spey - Blue / Orange / Straw - WF9

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Our Part Number:  G-ISPEY89
Bar Code:  730884212373
Manufacturer Part Number:  ISPEY89
Brand:  Rio Products
Line Weight:  9
Line Length:  115ft
Line Rating:  Floating
Head Weight:  580gr
Head Length:  46 ft
Color:  Blue / Orange / Straw

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During the Covid-19 crisis delivery of the RIO products is MEDIUM. They arriving from our supplier once per week and being sent out as soon as they arrive with us.

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Rio Products - Traditional Spey - InTouch Short Head Spey

AN EASY CASTING traditional Spey line design built for maximum versitility
• Short head loads quickly and makes it simple to cast in tight quarters
• Rear loaded weight distribution loads rods easily for effortless casts
• 15’ VersiTip compatible for greater depth control
The Short Head Spey line from RIO is a very easy casting, traditional style Spey line, which is ideal for Spey casters moving up from easier casting Scandi and Skagit heads. The head length varies between 40 ft and 50 ft, depending on line size, and it is a great choice of traditional Spey line for anglers using shorter rods and when fishing in tight quarters. The longer head lengths (when compared to Skagit and Scandi heads)allow for less stripping in time at the end of each cast, which means more fishing time, and less loose line to handle and shoot with each cast.



  • DualTone
  • Front Loop

AFS Vs Scandi: Whats the difference?

RIO Scandi was born to take advantage of the new Rio Connect Core technology and bring all of the options needed for Scandinavian style fishing into one family.

In profile Scandi lines are the same as AFS, if you have the same weight and length they should feel and perform just the same, you may experience a slight increase in casting 'feel' or perceived weight of the line as less of the energy put into a cast is lost with ConnectCore.

The advantage of ConnectCore in Spey casting is measurable - in overhead casting it's even greater. ConnectCore's sensitivity to feel gentle takes and your ability to set the hook when you choose is improved. It is also easier to stay in direct contact with fast moving fish so everything is improved.

  • Better casting
  • Feel takes earlier
  • Set the hook more often
  • Stay in control during the flight

There are now more options than before for shorter rods, tighter spaces, or for asking a line weight do slightly heavier work for you. These lines are called Short Scandi.



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