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REGAL VISE is a family owned business located in New England, USA.

All of the Fly Tying Vises and Fly Tying Accessories from Regal are manufactured and hand crafted at their facility in Orange Massachusetts, U.S.A. Regal are fiercely proud to say that they make the highest quality fly tying vise in the world.

All Regal products are made by Fly Tiers and Anglers for Fly Tiers and Anglers.

The great thing about purchasing a regal vise is that you can get the perfect vise that will match a particular style of fly-tying. Choose the Regal head depending on the range of hooks you usually tie on and then match it with the base of C-Clamp and you have a perfect custom vise.

Head Name Hook Size Description
Traditional Head #22 – 1/0 The traditional head has been the standard jaw and the workhorse of Regal fly-tying equipment for decades.
Stainless Steel Head #32 - 2 The jaw is manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel that allows for machining the small profile yet maintains the durability expected in a Regal Vise.
Midge Head #32 - 6 The Midge head has been specially designed for tying small flies. The ergonomically designed tip provides easy hook access for tying small flies but allows for tying traditional sized flies as well.
Big Game Head #22 - 5/0 The Big Game head is specifically built to tie saltwater and large fresh water flies., It features two hook grooves machined into one side of the jaw. It holds large hooks extremely secure yet allows for tying tiny midges. From tarpon to trout, this is one great vise!


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