Regal Revolution Series Big Game Vise with Bronze Base

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Regal Revolution Series Big Game Vise with Bronze Base

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Model:  REG-REV-200-28P
Bar Code:  89781800154
Part Number:  200-28P
Brand:  Regal

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Regal Revolution Series Big Game Vice with Bronze Base

The Regal Revolution Vice Series are the most versatile and elegane vices in the Regal range. The Revolution Vice combine the famous head design with the stong powerful grip for hooks and a true in-line rotation function. When applying materials you can apply them in the traditional method by tightrning the barrel or keep it loose and rotate the vide for 'automated' winding. The Regal Revolution Big Game with Bronze Base head rotates around a 360' axis and articulates 220' up and down.

  • Two base options available - Pocket or Traditional
  • The Revolution Series Jaw is suited to flies from size 32 to 2. 


Placing the hook within the head of a Regal Vise is very important. Due to the pressure the vise head exerts, the hook    must be placed well within the limits of the head surfaces. See figures 1, 2 and 3 for proper hook placement.

Failure to properly place the hooks may result in “chipping” of the head or the hook may dislodge from the vise under pressure. See
figures 4, 5, and 6 which depict improper hook placement.





All Regal vises and accessories are manufactured to last a lifetime. As with all precision equipment, the tool simply needs some routine tender loving care. Regal suggests a drop or two of gun oil every so often rubbed into the surface of the head and stem not unlike you would do to a prized firearm. This simple task will bring out the true color and luster of the vise and help preserve it.


All Regal vises are shipped as right-handed. Making the vise left-handed is a very simple procedure and only takes a few minutes. On the under side of the vise you will see a hex nut in the ball that holds the jaw handles in place. Simply loosen the nut with a 7/64’’ hex wrench and swing the jaw handle to the other side. Tighten the hex nut and you are ready to tie from the left-hand position.

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