Red Epoxy Buzzer

Red Epoxy Buzzer

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Red Epoxy Buzzer

Buzzers are midge pupa, they take their name from the buzzing noise they make when in a swarm. Buzzers hatch out on virtually every day of the year. Normally they are fished as part of a team of flies, with a long leader and very slow retrieve.

Our epoxy buzzer gives a natural ribbed effect to the fly. This fly has worked wonders on stillwaters, ideally they are fished very slowly on a floating line and as long a leader as you are can use. With its weight the Epoxy Buzzer cuts rapidly through the surface film and gets to fishing depth quickly. A very slow figure-of-eight retrieve is normally best; occasionally if there is a lot of buzzer activity fairly fast stripping can work well. Quite often this will be taken on the drop.


The Red Epoxy Buzzer imitates a buzzer in its nymph stage as it comes to emerge into an adult midge. This is a light buzzer without a beadhead so flutters more gently through the water. A midge starts life in muddy water as a bloodworm or chironomide which is blood red in color. When ready to emerge this wiggles to the surface and this is when we use a Red Epoxy Buzzer to imitage this stage of the midge's life. Do not be afraid of using small Red Epoxy Buzzer as a buzzer can be just a few millimetres long.

Red Epoxy Buzzer is shown as a pupa on the Midge Life Cycle drawing. The Red Epoxy Buzzer is a very good imitation of a pupa. The pupa can be olive, red, brown, black or other colours according to the water and where the buzzer imitated by the Red Epoxy Buzzer is in the water column. Buzzers start blood red when at the bottom of the water and change as they rise to the surface to emerge.

Red Epoxy Buzzer Fishing Techniques

<span itemprop="name">Red Epoxy Buzzer</span>The Red Epoxy Buzzer will sink aslowly unless used with beadhead /goldhead or other heavier flies in a team. The Red Epoxy Buzzer can be fished in a variety of ways and the Red Epoxy Buzzer is a super fly when trout are feeding on buzzers which the Red Epoxy Buzzer imitates. Buzzers emerge 365 days per year so using the Red Epoxy Buzzer works all year imitating natural buzzers matching the hatch!.

<span itemprop="name">Red Epoxy Buzzer</span> drifted with a Thingamabobber or bungRed Epoxy Buzzer Thingamabobber Drifting

The Red Epoxy Buzzer can be used as part of a team of 3 or just two fishing flies and suspended then drifted under a bung or really well under a Thingamabobber. These can be Red Epoxy Buzzer and other buzzers or Red Epoxy Buzzer invarying sizes and colours. Using a team of fishing flies with Red Epoxy Buzzer works well on both reservoirs and on rivers. On rivers using a Thingamabobber works well acting as an excellent bite indicator on turbulent or fast waters. Using the Red Epoxy Buzzer in this way works well as a Thingamabobber moves with both the current and wind at a more natural speed to the water conditions.

Red Epoxy Buzzer Fished Static

<span itemprop="name">Red Epoxy Buzzer</span> fished staticThe Red Epoxy Buzzer can be fished static in 3 different ways, Red Epoxy Buzzer team drifting, Bung Red Epoxy Buzzer drifting and Red Epoxy Buzzer dry fly drifting.

Drifting <span itemprop="name">Red Epoxy Buzzer</span> in a Team of drifted FliesDrifting Red Epoxy Buzzer As Part of a Team Of Fishing Flies

The Red Epoxy Buzzer can be used as part of a team of 2 of three fishing flies. Try Red Epoxy Buzzer and other buzzers or alternatively use Red Epoxy Buzzer in different sizes or colours for example use a size 12, 14 and 16 with the heaviest Red Epoxy Buzzer as the point fly. The droppered leader can be used with a floating line and the Red Epoxy Buzzer and other flies can be drifted with the wind and current moving the fly line and hence moving the Red Epoxy Buzzer gently making in behave like the natural pupa the Red Epoxy Buzzer imitates.

<span itemprop="name">Red Epoxy Buzzer</span> drifted with a dry flyRed Epoxy Buzzer Dry Fly Drifting (New Zealand Style)

In New Zealand they developed a fishing style with a very heavy, larger fly and a Red Epoxy Buzzer which is tied to a tippet attached to the bend or the eye of the large dry fly. This is deadly when used with a highly buoyant fly like Goddard Caddis, alternatively a heavy hackled klinkhammer or suspend the Red Epoxy Buzzer using a foam fly. The Red Epoxy Buzzer can be used as part of a team of fishing flies to hunt out those Brown Trout. On rivers using a Red Epoxy Buzzer under a New Zealand rig is superb as both the Red Epoxy Buzzer and the dry fly act as trout flies to attract trout and simultaneously present flies at surface and underwater catching trout at all stages of feeding. Using a Klinkhammer you are also presenting an emerging insect making the maximum of all opportunities.

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