Pike Flies or Deceiver Patterns

The notion of fly fishing for Pike isn't a new one and it is tremendous sport. Casting big or small flies and watching our most aggressive predator attack is great fun. Pike fly patterns or deceivers are designed to imitate natural fish or to stimulate  attack due to the fly colour or the movement. Typically fly patterns look like the natural prey, often looking like fish or even mice. Check our pike fishing blog post & guide here.

Obviously these flies are tied on much stronger single hooks matching the strength of fight that this apex predator puts up. Typically flies are tied on large hooks for example size 2/0. Which are the best flies for pike? we love the large deceivers which show incredible movement through the water, however don't forget pike are predators, they will attack even the smallest epoxy minnow given the opportunity.

Fishing With Flies For Pike

When fishing for pike use a real leader, made of metal it ensures that the pike does not bite through the line and cause damage. You rod should be really strong, ideally a 10 weight fly rod that is strong enough to stop its runs. If you use a lightweight rod you can kill the pike literally fighting it to death where it cannot recover which is not good for the sport, use strong tackle and leaders when fly fishing. Check our full advice blog post here.

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