Peacock Feathers for Fly Tying Materials

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Peacock Blue Neck

Peacock Blue Neck£3.60   £3.06

Peacock Eye Top

Peacock Eye Top£3.00   £2.55

Peacock Gold Body

Peacock Gold Body£4.20   £3.57

Peacock Herl

Peacock Herl£2.88   £2.45

Peacock Sword Tails

Peacock Sword Tails£3.00   £2.55

Picric Acid Dyed Peacock Herl

Picric Acid Dyed Peacock Herl£3.25   £2.76

Semperfli Peacock Gold Body

Semperfli Peacock Gold Body£2.66   £2.00


Peacock Fly Tying Feathers

Peacock feathers, particularly the herl is known and loved by tyers for its iridescent quality and color. The iridescence of Peacock herl is produced by a type of optical interference called Bragg reflection. In the effect, the nanostructures that compose the barbules of the feathers display different colors based on their individual and differing lengths.  The kaleidoscopic feathers of the Peacock are used to create bodies that are full of life and movement when they hit the water. The best Peacock herl can usually be found closer to the elegantly colored and prominent eye of the feather, and these herls can be cut and tied to the hook shank to form excellent tails on many artifical fly patterns. Stripped Peacock provides amazing fly bodies.

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