Olive Uv Buzzer

Olive Uv Buzzer

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Our Part Number:  TEF-6467-12
Bar Code:  5056544648319
Manufacturer Part Number:  UV03-12
Brand:  The Essential Fly
Fly Typical Target Species:  Trout


Olive Uv Buzzer

perfect for catching Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

Olive Uv Buzzer

is designed to imitate buzzers or chironomids as they emerge through the water to hatch into midges. With uv colouring the Olive Uv Buzzer are real attractors firing like lights under sunlight. Midges hatch 365 days a year to flies like Olive Uv Buzzer are important to match the hatch!

Fly Fishing Methods, Tips & Techniques

The natural buzzers / chironomids move very slowly when emerging, moving slowly up and down in the water column until conditions are right to hatch and it is important that we use the Olive Uv Buzzer to imitate that movement. A team of flies often consists of 3 buzzers including one or more Olive Uv Buzzer for trout on a droppered leader, with the heaviest (or largest) buzzer on the point. Never strip a team of buzzers including Olive Uv Buzzer, allow the team of flies to drift naturally, suspend them with a buoyant fly like a stimulator or wulff or alternatively use a Thingamabobber. Always allow the team of flies including Olive Uv Buzzer to drop below the feeding zone. Lift the rod tip slowly taking about 30 to 60 seconds to reach 60 degrees then lower the rod tip rapidly, take up the slack line and allow to drop again. The lift and drop slowly imitates the movement of the natural buzzer / chironomid we are trying to imitate with our Olive Uv Buzzer.

When using buzzers the best fishing method is to keep it slow! What are the best Olive Uv Buzzer fishing techniques? firstly the biggest mistake made by fly fishermen is because they are used to stripping lures they try the same techniques with Olive Uv Buzzer. Buzzer fly fishing is a slow technique, use Olive Uv Buzzer on a drift with a floating flyline and allow the line to drift with the current or wind or use a Bobber or other strike indicator to suspend your Olive Uv Buzzer. Alternatively use a buoyant foam fly or stimulator flies  to suspend a team of buzzers including Olive Uv Buzzer when buzzer fishing for trout 

  1. Do NOT strip trout buzzers
  2. Static or slow drift team including Olive Uv Buzzer
  3. Vary depth of the team, trout will feed at different levels at different times of the day
  4. look for porpoising trout, if they are slowly taking buzzers just below the surface swap to CDC emerger buzzers or Sandys Assassins
  5. try strike indicators or suspend a team of buzzers including Olive Uv Buzzer with a Stimulator fly, Foam Arsed Blob or buoyant foam fly
  6. Be prepared to use small buzzers, although size 8 is a great point fly when boat fishing a size 16 or size 18 better matches natural trout buzzer sizes

We believe buzzers including Olive Uv Buzzer are certainly one of the important flies in any stillwater fly fishermans box when fishing for Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

If you are on a stillwater then check our hatch charts to see what is likely to be hatching. On reservoirs and lakes natural flies that will almost always be about and catch brown and rainbow trout are midges which grow and emerge. All stages of the life-cycle can be imitated by Bloodworms which change into buzzers which we have a successful ranges of Buzzer fly patterns including Blank Buster Buzzers and Flashback Buzzers and Epoxy Buzzers / Nymphs. Once in the surface film we can imitated these by Assassin Emergers, Blank Buster CDC Emergers and Emergers and Suspenders which to the trout look like the midge pupae ready to hatch.

Buzzer / Chironomid Hatches

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