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Woolly Bugger Mixed Chenilles Pack

Woolly Bugger Mixed Chenilles Pack£4.75   £2.00

Sandys Thorax Magic Thorax Colour Enhancing Tape

Sandys Thorax Magic Thorax Colour Enhancing Tape£0.65   £0.50

Antron Sparkle Chenille

Antron Sparkle Chenille£3.84   £2.99

Easy Dub Micro Chenille

Easy Dub Micro Chenille£3.48   £2.95

Extra Fine Vernille Chenille

Extra Fine Vernille Chenille£2.40   £2.05

FAP Dennis the Mennis 15mm Fritz

FAP Dennis the Mennis 15mm Fritz£3.96   £3.45

FAP Dennis the Mennis Staraggle Fritz

FAP Dennis the Mennis Staraggle Fritz£3.96   £3.45

FAP Fritz

FAP Fritz£3.96   £2.99

Fluorescent Chenille

Fluorescent Chenille£2.88   £2.45

Fluorescent Chenille Mixed Pack

Fluorescent Chenille Mixed Pack£4.44   £3.99

Glo-Brite Suede Chenille

Glo-Brite Suede Chenille£2.40   £1.95

Lureflah Chenille Dark Green

Lureflah Chenille Dark Green£1.75   £0.50

Micro Cactus Chenille Purple

Micro Cactus Chenille Purple£2.76   £2.40

Multicard Brill

Multicard Brill£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Cactus Chenille

Multicard Cactus Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Easy Dub Micro Chenille

Multicard Easy Dub Micro Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Ice Chenille

Multicard Ice Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Pearl Braid

Multicard Pearl Braid£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Rayon Chenille

Multicard Rayon Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Suede Chenille

Multicard Suede Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Multicards Holographic / UV Chenille

Multicards Holographic / UV Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Multicards Straggle Chenille

Multicards Straggle Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Pearl Cactus Chenille

Pearl Cactus Chenille£2.40   £2.30

Rayon Chenille

Rayon Chenille£1.92   £1.65

Rayon Chenille Mixed Pack

Rayon Chenille Mixed Pack£3.36   £2.99

Turbo Translucent Chenille

Turbo Translucent Chenille£2.40   £2.05

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