Metz Capes

In the early 1970's, Metz revolutionized the fly tying world by introducing the first genetically engineered hackle to the fly fishing industry. The first to produce try 'dry fly quality' hackles in a somplete range of colours and sizes. A product that enabled fly tyers everywhere to imitate the natural insects for precisely than ever before.

METZ IS STILL THE NAME BY WHICH ALL OTHER HACKLES ARE MEASURED! Stiff bards, web-free hackles, flexible stems, and a complete range of sizes in deep, natural, consistent colours are still the benchmark associated with the Metz trademark. No other company can reproduce consistentl;y the colours offered by Metz.

Quality has always been synonymous with Metz, derived from strict genertic selection and the most consistant grading criteria on the market. Mets offers a complete line of feathers to meet your needs. If you haven't tried on lately, you may be missing out on the next revolution in fly tying.

Need help to understand the difference between the Grades and which Neck or Saddle to get, view our Blog for more assistance:

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