March & April Wet Fly Collection for Stillwaters

March & April Wet Fly Collection for Stillwaters

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March & April Wet Fly Collection for Stillwaters

To acompany our Hatch Chart we have compiled a collection of 17 Wet flies which should be perfect for fishing Stillwaters in March & April around the United Kingdom.


Matching the hatch is crucial to a successful days fishing, so most days start with one question 'Which fly should I use?' For many anglers this is answered either by experience or guesswork often based on what has worked previously or something you heard from another angler that worked for them.

Midges as you probably know are found EVERYWHERE! They can be annoying but are vital for fishing, as all aspects of a Midges lifecycle are a staple diet for fish. To catch an adult Midge, they either have to be 'stillborn' or the fish was lucky as they fly off rather quick after hatching.

Pond & Lakes Olive may as well be treated as a single species, the only difference being (apart from the name) where they inhabit, and the fact that Lake Olives will appear a moth before Pond Olives. Both species are found throughout the UK, they prefer watm, sheltered slightly alkaline waters. These are most prolific in the Southern half of England and in Irish Limestone Loughs.

Corixa the generic name for approx 30 species of 'lesser water boatmen' found around the UK. Abundant in most British stillwaters, however they prefer water no more than 2m deep because they need to surface from time to time

Freshwater Snails are very oxygen sensitive , in warmer weather they will often float up in larger numbers and can stay there for several days or weeks, until they need to feed again. Trout love to feed on the floating snails enthusiasticly, often to the exclusion of everything else.

Shrimp & Louse The most common of the creatures that Trout will eat, found throughout Rivers & Stillwaters across the UK. Most commonly found in and around weedbeds and in the gravel. Best to have your fly weighted and fish in shallower waters.

Alder widespread throught the UK and appear in large numbers in Spring & early Summer. Alder Larva are about 2cm long and what fish will take, they arely take the Adult Alder, and if they do so it is believed that they have bene mistaken for a Hawthorn which are similar size and shape and hatch the same time of year. Alder Larva live in water approx 10 foot deep and are nocturnal, so fish these slowly as close to the bottom as possible.

Flies in this collection for 2020:

  • Patricks Duck Fly
  • Flashback Blank Buster Buzzer
  • 3D Glass Epoxy Bead Head Buzzer
  • Flexi Floss Epoxy Buzzer
  • Bloodworm Flex Floss
  • Sawyer Killer Bug
  • Maggot
  • Shrimp Green
  • Grub
  • Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hares Ear GRHE
  • Flashback Hares Ear GRHE
  • Pheasant Tail Nymph
  • Alder Larva Nymph
  • Alder
  • Corixa
  • Black Spider
  • Northern Spider

Please be advised that all fly collections are pre-made and sizes are unable to be specified, if neccessary when making up the collection it is found that a fly is not available a suitable alternative will be selected to the flies specified above. As in line iwth our T&Cs.

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