Loon Outdoors

MAKING SMALL STEPS FOR THE LONG RUN The small, steady steps we take as a company will add up. Loon Outdoors believe that making great products, helping the people around them, and minimizing their environmental impact all come down to consistently showing up and doing the little stuff well.

LOON OUTDOORS MAKE IT YOUR BEST DAY, ON THE WATER OR OTHERWISE - Their community is made up of anglers who spend hours at their vise and long days on the water, as well as those who are lucky if they can get out to fish twice a year. It’s also made up of vendors, co-workers, customers and neighbors. We are all in this together regardless of experience or title. Loon Outdoors work to make the process—whether it is fishing or business—more enjoyable for everyone. From products to educational resources to how we respond to questions and interact with our delivery drivers—they look for ways to improve your day.

WE ARE STEWARDS WHO ACT ON BEHALF OF THE PLANET - The environment has always been part of the equation, ever since their inception in 1991. Finding kinder, cleaner ways to fly fish is why they started the company. Today, they're hard at work tackling problems like shipping waste and single-use plastic. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but Loon Outdoors think challenges are fun when you apply a little creativity and elbow grease. They acknowledge that every decision they make will impact the planet, so they do our best to make that impact as positive as possible. From the big decisions to the little decisions.

LOON OUTDOORS MAKE PRODUCTS THAT THEY WOULD RECOMEND TO A FRIEND - If Loon Outdoors staff wouldn’t use it themselves it doesn’t make the cut. They tackle one problem at a time and release products they’re proud of. They innovate regularly, but are not beholden to a product schedule. Because Loon Outdoors have  been family-owned and run since day one, they call the shots. It lets them take a deliberate, honest approach to product development—one that ensures they deliver a quality product that works for you without breaking the bank.

LOON OUTDOORS GIVE BACK - By embracing opportunities to play a supporting role. We can’t solve every issue on our own, so they give back to like-minded organizations who are taking steps they could never take on their own.

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