Larva & Pupal Stages

  • Nymph: up to 40mm
  • Adult: 10 to 16mm
  • Common
  •  May to Mid-June
  • Nymph: Single tailed, strout brownish body with yellow markings. Large powerful jaws
  • Imago: Dar, soft bodied with almost black head and legs. Four shiny, hard wings which are heavily veined. The wings are held roof-shaped when at rest. The alderfly has long jointed antennae
  • Margins of ponds, lakes and rivers
  • Daytime

Sialis Lutaroa is the most common Alderfly, during May and June they can be found in large numbers. They are not strong fliers and spend much of their time crawling around the waters edge on plants and stones or resting.

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Ak Hatching Sedge Tan

Ak Hatching Sedge Tan£0.90


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10, 12, 14.

Bead Head  Caddis Natural

Bead Head Caddis Natural£1.20


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8, 10, 12.

Cream Caddis Pupa

Cream Caddis Pupa£0.90

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10, 12, 14.

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