Kamasan Hooks (Pack Of 100) B200 Deepwater Nymph Size 10 Trout Fly Tying Hooks

Kamasan Hooks (Pack Of 100) B200 Deepwater Nymph Size 10 Trout Fly Tying Hooks

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Our Part Number:  0KAMB200-558-AI
Manufacturer Part Number:  0KAMB200-558-AI
Brand:  Kamasan
Product Type  Fly Tying
Pack Size  100 Pack

Tying Material Attributes
Color Family  Bronzed
Color  Bronzed
Tying Product Family  Hooks
Hook Points  1
Hook Points #  Single
Barb Type  Barbed
Hook Model  B200
Hook Size  10
Hook Usage  River & Stillwater


Kamasan Hooks - B200 Deepwater Nymph

The B200 Deepwater Nymph hook has a 2X long shank forged for strength made from a new supremley strong heavy gauge wire which should never gape. These attributes make the B200 Deepwater Nymph hook ideal for steelhead and big trout fishing using mini lures and nymphs.

  • Down eye
  • 2X Long shank
  • Extra strong wire
  • Bronzed

Kamasan Hooks

We are pleased to offer the Kamasan range of fly tying hooks. With a broard range of hooks available in the Kamasan portfolio there is a hook to suit all fishing needs. Kamasan  have chemically sharpened needle point high carbon hooks, this and the strength of the metal have enabled Kamasan to be well respected all around the word.

  • High grade carbon steel
  • Chemically sharpened points
  • Micro Barbs for easy penetration and easy de-barbing
  • Trout hooks available in packs of 25, 100 or 1000
  • Salmon hooks available in packs of 10, 100 or 1000

Hook Comparison Chart

Want to see if you can switch from your regular hooks to the Umpqua range? We have made this simple Hook comparison chart to assist you to ensure that you are getting the right hooks.

Style of Hook Umpqua Kamasan Osprey Fulling Mill Tiemco DAIICHI
Dry Fly Hooks            
Standard Wire, Down Eye, 1X Long U001 B401 VH111 31180 5210 1170
Standard Wire, Down Eye U002 B410   31310 921 1310
Standard Wire, Straight Eye U003     31480   1110
Sproat Bend, 1X Long, 1X Strong U101 B120 VH121 31550 9300 1560
Sproat Bend, 1X Fine U102 B175 VH120   2312 1550
Down Eye, 2X Long, 2X Strong U103 B830 VH131 31710 5262 1720
Straight Eye, Standard Wire, 2X Short U201 B100   31165 2457 1130
Puppa, Caddis, Scud, 1X Short, 1X Strong U202 B110 VH152 31160 205BL 1150
Straight Eye, 3X Long U203 B220   31270 2312 1270
Down Eye, 2X Long U204 B830       1280
Down Eye, 3X Long, 1X Strong U301     31530 5263 1720
Down Eye, 4X Long, 1X Strong U302 B800 VH141 32220 9395 2220
Straight Eye, Stainless, 1X Strong U401   VH153     2546
Straight Eye, 5X Short, 2X Strong, Egg U501          
Straight Eye, 1X Strong, Bass U502         2451


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