Jacques Bug White Tailed Yellow Bug

Jacques Bug White Tailed Yellow Bug

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Our Part Number:  jh-1005-6
Bar Code:  5056544631632
Manufacturer Part Number:  jh-1005-6
Brand:  The Essential Fly


Hook: Up eye salmon hook or down eye wet hook usually No 4 to 10
Thread: Nano silk Black
Tail:  White Marabou followed by Pearl Krystal Flash
Body: Suede Chenille Fl. Yellow
Hackle: Brown saddle hackle palmered forward through the body
Head: Black

Tying Instructions:

Start with 3 turns of French Oval small silver Tinsel, followed by White Marabou and by 8 strands of Pearl Krystal Flash over the marabou cut at the end of the hook bend. Stroke back the fibers on the hackle and trim tip to a small triangle. Tie in the hackle, pointing backwards, shiny side out, Tie in the Suede Chenille Fl. Yellow and wind the string to reach the head of the hook. Hackle over the body, pulling the feather fairly tight. Take the last turn of the hackle right in front of the body. Tie down the hackle, trim the butt, form a small head and whip finish. Add some varnish (in my case Cellire) to the have a nice shiny head.



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