Irish Shrimps - Salmon Fly Patterns

There are a vast range of different flies for salmon, Irish shrimp flies are widely where the Shrimp patterns are very popular for salmon fly fishing. Originally designed in Ireland hence the name Irish Shrimp flies, a great all round typical Irish Salmon fly pattern, these are designed to imitate saltwater crustaceans.

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Allys Shrimp Red Salar Single Hook

Allys Shrimp Red Salar Single Hook£1.60   £1.50

Fly Size 6

Using Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns

For example: yellow is a favourite colour when fishing in springtime whereas the orange or reds are more favoured during summer or autumn. Green coloured flies are considered best for very clear water. Many anglers would reckon on black as a 'must have' at any time of the year

Irish Shrimp Fly Origins

The original shrimp was the Curry's Red Shrimp which was tied by Pat Curry from Colerain in Northern Ireland. This is still one of the most popular of all Salmon Shrimp flies in Ireland and can be found in one form or another in most Irish Salmon fly boxes.

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