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About The Humungus Flies

The Humungus or Humongous fly as s it sometimes called, is a great fly pattern with all of the ingredients to make a great lure for reservoirs. A Chainbead head to give a dipping motion, a brightly coloured body with a palmered hackle to give it extra movement, and a marabou tail with some tinsel through it. With these ingredients it is no wonder that the Humungus accounts for lots of fish on reservoirs.

When To Use The Humungous Fly

The Humungus is specially effective on all stillwaters when the fish are hitting fry which it imitates so well, especially the silver Humungus which is so "fishy" looking. The Humungus is a good Winter lure fly, proving to be a good search pattern. The origins of the Humungus are Scotland, it provides a great pulling pattern for Rainbow and Brown Trout in the larger stillwaters. This dressing is very versatile and comes with a palmered hackle down the body for added sparkle and movement.

Expert Tip For Humungus Flies

Humungous Silver is an ideal underwater fly for Trout because it simulates so many prey items that all types of trout like: small prey and baitfish, crayfish, Dragonfly nymphs, leeches and other quarry. Also, the hackle and marabou creates the illusion of bulk and lifelike movement rom its body, yet without the bulk. These materials collapse against the hook shank when cast, offering minimal air resistance and so allowing for a smooth, streamline cast.

Fly FIshing With The Humungus Fly

The Humungus fly can be fished on their own using a tapered leader, cast the fly around small preyfish, along the margins and retrieve slowly with a figure of 8 retrieve or strip the fly then stop and allow the chain's eight drop the fly, his raise and fall is deadly as it looks like a poorly fish. Alternatively  use the Humongous as a point fly with smaller flies up the cast on a droppered leader. Small flies working well on the droppers are flies such as trout buzzers or Diawl Bach using the same technique described above.

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