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U.K. Fly Fishing Guides & Casting Instruction

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Peter Anderson 

David Bell

Scott Mackenzie

Steven Reid

Ally Gowans

Gary Scott

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Featured Products
0.3mm Wire Black

0.3mm Wire Black£3.25

Cheeky UV Orange

Cheeky UV Orange£3.50

Classic Waxed Thread 8/0 240 Yards - Red

Classic Waxed Thread 8/0 240 Yards - Red£2.99

Guard Hair Chenille Red

Guard Hair Chenille Red£3.50

Lure/Streamer 0.2Mm Wire Chartreuse

Lure/Streamer 0.2Mm Wire Chartreuse£1.99

Cheeky UV Pink

Cheeky UV Pink£3.50

Ultrafine 0.1Mm Wire Thin Chartreuse

Ultrafine 0.1Mm Wire Thin Chartreuse£1.99

Damsel Nymph Selection

Damsel Nymph Selection£8.20

Polish Woven Nymph Selection

Polish Woven Nymph Selection£10.80


Polish Woven Nymph Selection - 12 Assorted Polish Woven Nymphs

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