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Greys produce a range of rods which are highly competiive with good features at competitive prices. With Greys fly rods you have a range of rods suitable for all anglers budgets and capabilities

What Greys Fly Rod Is Suitable For Rod Trout Fly Fishing?

For trout fly fishermen choose

  1. GR20 Fly Rods, budget consious or new
  2. GR40 Fly Rods
  3. GR50 Fly Rods
  4. GR70 Fly Rods

For Competition Trout Fishermen

  1. GR70 Comp Powerlux Competition fly rods, as these are robust and will enable you to pull fish quickly for timed fly fishing competitions

Which Greys Fishing Rod Range Is Suitable For Saltwater Fly Fishing?

  1. GR70 Salt Fly Rods

What Greys Rods Work Well for the salmon fisherman?

there are a range of fly rods suitable for different casting styles and techniques.

  1. GR50 Single Hander #8 and above for grilse and smaller waters
  2. GR70 Single Hander #8 and above for grilse and smaller waters
  3. GR70 Double Hander fly rods
  4. GR50 Double Hander fly fishing rods
  5. GR50 Switch Fly Rod


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The Essential Fly Fishing Shop
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