Green Eyed Damsel

Green Eyed Damsel

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Green Eyed Damsel

Designed to imitate the damsel nymph the Green Eyed Damsel is a highly mobile damsel nymph imitation with its 'feelers' at the front of the fly. Use this casting along the margins, particularly of weedbeds and reeds where the damsel nyymph hides and feeds. Green Eyed Damsel is a very mobile fly which imitates on of the largest nymphs in UK waters. Damsel nymphs are usually 1/2 to 1 inch long with a very streamlined body. They swim with a rhythmic wiggle, that ceases when the nymph needs to rest. During the resting cycle, the nymph slowly drifts downward. The colors of damsel nymphs acquire depending upon their environment.

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