Greys GR40 Fly Rods

The Greys GR40 range is the medium to faster actioned rods offered by Greys for fly fishing. The GR40 fly fishing rods rods allow lines to load with minimum effort. With medium to fast rods the energy is not released as fast as with fast action rods so suit a slower casting style.

What Are The Features Of The GR40 Rod Range?

  1. GR40 range has Medium/fast action blanks ideal for slower casting speeds and loading the back cast
  2. High Intermediate modulus carbon blank are used on the GR40 range from 7 foot 6 #3 to #8 10 foot fly rod
  3. Line up marks to ensure correct section alignment
  4. Quality AAA grade cork handle giving a comfortable feel
  5. Anodised Aluminium saltwater safe reel seat with twin locking nuts ensuring your reel does not move
  6. Hook keeper ring on all models so flies can be hooked to the rod while you move about
  7. Each model supplied with Cordura rod tube for protection
  8. Laser engraved logo on butt cap, looks nice

GR40 Rod Range Specifications Line Rating Length Feet (m) Weight grammes Handle Style

Brand:  Greys
Line Rating:  #3 to #8 weight lines
GR40 Rod Range Lengths:  7ft 6in to 10ft in range
Rod Action: Medium / Fast
Rod Material: High Intermediate modulus carbon blank
Handle:  Reverse Half Wells on rods to 9' length, Full Wells on 9'6" & 10' rods
Rating:  #3 to #8
Weight:  71g to 116g
Number of Rod Sections:  4 Sections
Case:  Cordura Case
Trout Fishing: Yes #3 to #8 rods
Grayling Fishing: Yes #3 to #5 rods
Salmon Fishing:  Yes single hander for #8 rods for grilse on smaller rivers
Use on Brooks & Streams:  Yes #3 to #5 rods
Use on Stillwaters:; Yes #5 to #8 rods
Use On Rivers:  Smaller Rivers #3 to #5 rods, larger rivers #5 to #7 weight rods


3 7,6 ft (2,31 m) 71 g Half Wells
4 8,0 ft (2,43 m) 74 g Half Wells
5 8,6 ft (2,62 m) 88 g Half Wells
5 9 ft (2,74 m) 91 g Half Wells
6 9 ft (2,74 m) 94 g Half Wells
6 9,6 ft (2,92 m) 102 g Full Wells
7 9,6 ft (2,92 m) 105 g Full Wells
7 10 ft (3,04 m) 113 g Full Wells
8 9 ft (2,74 m) 111 g Full Wells
8 9,6 ft (2,92 m) 113 g Full Wells
8 10 ft (3,04 m) 116 g Full Wells
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