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Fab Orange

Fab Orange£1.05   £0.72

Fly Size 10

Fab Sunburst Yellow

Fab Sunburst Yellow£1.05   £0.72

Fly Size 10

Fab Tequila Sunrise

Fab Tequila Sunrise£1.05   £0.72

Fly Size 10

Tequila Sunrise Blob

Tequila Sunrise Blob£1.05   £0.72

Fly Size 10

Foam Arsed Blobs or FABs

Love them or hate them, these really are marmite flis for the fly fishing fraternty. You hear phrases like Blobs for Yobs. Realistically we are trying to stimulate trout to attack a fly because it thinks it is food or because its predatory nature means it attacks the fly with its mouth and we catch it. Blobs came to the fly fishing scene first, with their brightly coloured chenilles and Foam Arsed Blobs with their buoyancy soon followed.


These flies can be used supporting a team of flies for example a diawl bach and buzzer or used to deadly effect as part of a washing line rig.

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