Fly Tying Body Materials

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Antron Yarn White

Antron Yarn White£1.10   £0.55

Antron Yarn Yellow

Antron Yarn Yellow£1.10   £0.55

Chenille Astra Black

Chenille Astra Black£1.90

Chenille Astra Brown

Chenille Astra Brown£1.90

Chenille Astra Chartreuse

Chenille Astra Chartreuse£1.90

Chenille Astra Fluorescent  Lime Green

Chenille Astra Fluorescent Lime Green£1.90

Chenille Astra Fluorescent  Red

Chenille Astra Fluorescent Red£1.90

Chenille Astra Fluorescent  Yellow

Chenille Astra Fluorescent Yellow£1.90

Chenille Astra Olive

Chenille Astra Olive£1.90

Chenille Astra Orange Hot

Chenille Astra Orange Hot£1.90

Chenille Astra White

Chenille Astra White£1.90

Chenille Astra Yellow

Chenille Astra Yellow£1.90

Chenille Flash Black£1.90

Chenille Flash Brown£1.90

Chenille Flash Lime Green£1.90

Chenille Flash Olive Dark£1.90

Chenille Flash Olive Light£1.90

Chenille Flash Orange£1.90

Chenille Flash Pearl£1.90

Chenille Flash Rust£1.90

Chenille Frost Black£1.90

Chenille Frost Gold£1.90

Chenille Frost Green£1.90

Chenille Frost Olive£1.90

Chenille Frost Pearl£1.90

Chenille Frost Rainbow£1.90

Chenille Frost Red£1.90

Chenille Medium Black

Chenille Medium Black£1.90

Chenille Medium Blue Dun

Chenille Medium Blue Dun£1.90

Chenille Medium Brown

Chenille Medium Brown£1.90

Chenille Medium Claret

Chenille Medium Claret£1.90

Chenille Medium Fluorescent  Fire Red

Chenille Medium Fluorescent Fire Red£1.90

Chenille Medium Fluorescent  Lime Green

Chenille Medium Fluorescent Lime Green£1.90

Chenille Medium Fluorescent  Orange

Chenille Medium Fluorescent Orange£1.90

Chenille Medium Fluorescent  Pink - Dark

Chenille Medium Fluorescent Pink - Dark£1.90

Chenille Medium Fluorescent  Yellow

Chenille Medium Fluorescent Yellow£1.90

Chenille Medium Ginger

Chenille Medium Ginger£1.90

Chenille Medium Green Dark

Chenille Medium Green Dark£1.90

Chenille Medium Green Light

Chenille Medium Green Light£1.90

Chenille Medium Green Medium

Chenille Medium Green Medium£1.90


Fly Tying Body Materials

These body materials are ideal for fly tyers to creae the bodies of the fishing flies that they are constructing.

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