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20-20 Magnetic Hook Threader

20-20 Magnetic Hook Threader£17.99   £17.50


Superb Hook Threader

Airflo Braided Sleeve

Airflo Braided Sleeve£2.99

Black Snips

Black Snips£3.49

Dinsmores Plastic Disgorger

Dinsmores Plastic Disgorger£0.25

Fly Debarbing Pliers

Fly Debarbing Pliers£5.99   £5.70

Fly Line Tray

Fly Line Tray£13.99

Fly Line Winder

Fly Line Winder£29.99

Forceps Curved 5 Inch

Forceps Curved 5 Inch£2.99

Forceps Curved 7 Inch

Forceps Curved 7 Inch£3.99

Forceps Curved 8 Inch

Forceps Curved 8 Inch£4.49

Forceps Straight 12 Inch

Forceps Straight 12 Inch£6.99

Forceps Straight 7 Inch

Forceps Straight 7 Inch£3.99

Forceps Straight 8 Inch

Forceps Straight 8 Inch£4.49

Gear Aid TENACIOUS Gore-Tex Patches

Gear Aid TENACIOUS Gore-Tex Patches£6.99   £6.65

Gear Aid TENACIOUS Repair Tape Clear PVC

Gear Aid TENACIOUS Repair Tape Clear PVC£6.99   £6.65

Leeda - Forceps - Straight - 5 Inch

Leeda - Forceps - Straight - 5 Inch£2.99

Profil Forceps

Profil Forceps£5.99

Profil Leader Straightener

Profil Leader Straightener£2.49

Profil Line Clippers

Profil Line Clippers£2.25

Profil Magnetic Net Hanger

Profil Magnetic Net Hanger£6.49

Profil Tippet Retainer

Profil Tippet Retainer£2.49

Profil Vest Pack

Profil Vest Pack£13.99

Profil Zinger

Profil Zinger£2.49

Profil Zinger & Snips

Profil Zinger & Snips£3.49

Rio Products - Agent X Line Dressing

Rio Products - Agent X Line Dressing£6.99   £6.70

Rio Products - Leader Wallet

Rio Products - Leader Wallet£19.99   £19.00

Rio Products - Mesh Shooting Head Wallet

Rio Products - Mesh Shooting Head Wallet£21.99   £20.90

Rio Products - Mesh Tip Wallet

Rio Products - Mesh Tip Wallet£21.99   £20.90

Rio Products - Rio Headcase

Rio Products - Rio Headcase£44.99   £42.80

Rio Products - Wonder Cloth

Rio Products - Wonder Cloth£4.99   £4.80

Royal Wulff Wristlok

Royal Wulff Wristlok£24.99

50m spools 11.6lb, 13.6lb, 15.4lb & 19lb

Semperfli Bandana

Semperfli Bandana£16.00

Semperfli Flag Medium

Semperfli Flag Medium£33.00

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