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20-20 Magnetic Hook Threader

20-20 Magnetic Hook Threader£14.99   £17.99


Superb Hook Threader

Airflo Braided Loops Ultra Sight Indicators

Airflo Braided Loops Ultra Sight Indicators£4.99

Airflo Braided Sleeve

Airflo Braided Sleeve£2.99

Airflo Leader Joint Kit

Airflo Leader Joint Kit£4.49

Airflo Polyleader Set -  5 foot - Trout

Airflo Polyleader Set - 5 foot - Trout£27.99

Airflo Polyleader Set - 10 foot - Salmon

Airflo Polyleader Set - 10 foot - Salmon£39.99

Airflo Polyleader Set - 10 foot - Trout

Airflo Polyleader Set - 10 foot - Trout£39.99

Airflo Polyleader Set - 5 foot - Salmon

Airflo Polyleader Set - 5 foot - Salmon£29.99

Anglin' Glue 9.5g Bottle

Anglin' Glue 9.5g Bottle£6.30

Black Snips

Black Snips£3.49

Cork Gift Set

Cork Gift Set£41.50

A lovely set for the fly fisherman who appreciates the finer things in life.

Deluxe Snips

Deluxe Snips£9.90

Smart new nippers with tungsten carbide jaws and a good looking petrol finish.

Deluxe Snips with Bottle Opener

Deluxe Snips with Bottle Opener£11.90

A smart looking pair of snips, with an integrated bottle opener and hook eye cleaner.

Eye Tube Minnow UV Mould

Eye Tube Minnow UV Mould£9.90

These plastic moulds allow various shapes of fish to be created.

Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor | Gunmetal

Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor | Gunmetal£16.99

Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor | Lichen

Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor | Lichen£16.99

Fishpond Dryshake Bottle Holder

Fishpond Dryshake Bottle Holder£6.99

Fishpond Swiftcurrent Thermometer

Fishpond Swiftcurrent Thermometer£14.99

Fly Debarbing Pliers

Fly Debarbing Pliers£5.99

Fly Line Tray

Fly Line Tray£10.99

Fly Line Winder

Fly Line Winder£25.99   £26.99

Forceps Curved 5 Inch

Forceps Curved 5 Inch£2.99

Forceps Curved 7 Inch

Forceps Curved 7 Inch£3.99

Forceps Curved 8 Inch

Forceps Curved 8 Inch£4.49

Forceps Straight 12 Inch

Forceps Straight 12 Inch£6.99

Forceps Straight 7 Inch

Forceps Straight 7 Inch£3.99

Forceps Straight 8 Inch

Forceps Straight 8 Inch£4.49

Greys Braid Scissors

Greys Braid Scissors£6.99

Large Cork Amadou Wallet

Large Cork Amadou Wallet£15.90

Two top quality Amadou pieces encased in a great looking cork case.

Leeda - Forceps - Straight - 5 Inch

Leeda - Forceps - Straight - 5 Inch£2.99

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing£2.50

Magnetic Cork Holder

Magnetic Cork Holder£11.90

A magnetic cork patch and clip for attaching to a jacket or vest.

McNett Aquasure

McNett Aquasure£7.99

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