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We have a vast range of fly tying tools - a fly tyer uses many ranging from scissors, bobbins, hair stackers to threaders and teasers. We have tying tools from Semperfli, Veniard, Marc Petitjean, Stonflo and other quality manufacturers.

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Marc Petitjean Tool Set #3

Marc Petitjean Tool Set #3£245.00

6 Finger Fly Tying Scissors

6 Finger Fly Tying Scissors£12.00


Free your hands while fly tying

Veniard Dubbing Needle Standard

Veniard Dubbing Needle Standard£2.20

Veniard Dubbing Needle with Half Hitch Tool

Veniard Dubbing Needle with Half Hitch Tool£2.40

Veniard Zenith 2 Box

Veniard Zenith 2 Box£95.00

Veniard Gold Loop 3.5'' Arrow Point Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop 3.5" Arrow Point Scissors£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4'' Mosquito Clamp

Veniard Gold Loop 4" Mosquito Clamp£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4'' Universal Scissors

Veniard Gold Loop 4" Universal Scissors£8.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4''Heger Scissor Clamp

Veniard Gold Loop 4"Heger Scissor Clamp£9.50

Veniard Gold Loop 4.5'' Mantis Tweezers

Veniard Gold Loop 4.5" Mantis Tweezers£7.00

Veniard Rotary Hackle Pliers

Veniard Rotary Hackle Pliers£4.30

Veniard Standard Hackle Pliers

Veniard Standard Hackle Pliers£2.00

Stonfo Dubbing Twister STF469

Stonfo Dubbing Twister STF469£8.30

Stonfo Bobbin Holder Long STF457

Stonfo Bobbin Holder Long STF457£6.80

Stonfo Bobbin Holder Short STF438

Stonfo Bobbin Holder Short STF438£6.60

Stonfo Bodkin STF445

Stonfo Bodkin STF445£3.20

Stonfo Creative Dubbing Kit STF648

Stonfo Creative Dubbing Kit STF648£19.30

Stonfo Dropper Clips STF623

Stonfo Dropper Clips STF623£5.40

Stonfo Dry Fly Gel STF463

Stonfo Dry Fly Gel STF463£2.80

Stonfo Dubbing Brush Maker STF661

Stonfo Dubbing Brush Maker STF661£56.00   £44.80

Stonfo Dubbing Hair Clips STF634

Stonfo Dubbing Hair Clips STF634£10.70

Stonfo Elite Whip Finish Tool STF586

Stonfo Elite Whip Finish Tool STF586£16.70

Stonfo Hackle Pliers Small STF503

Stonfo Hackle Pliers Small STF503£6.20

Stonfo Lip Grip STF617

Stonfo Lip Grip STF617£29.00

Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder STF631

Stonfo Magnetic Rod Holder STF631£13.70

Stonfo Mini Magnetic Retainer STF622

Stonfo Mini Magnetic Retainer STF622£8.20

Stonfo Spiral Magnetic Retainer STF520

Stonfo Spiral Magnetic Retainer STF520£15.80

Stonfo Super Float Fly Oil STF547

Stonfo Super Float Fly Oil STF547£4.90

Stonfo Whip Finisher STF442

Stonfo Whip Finisher STF442£4.50

Stonfo Elite Hackle Pliers STF577

Stonfo Elite Hackle Pliers STF577£8.30

Veniard Brass Hair Stacker Medium

Veniard Brass Hair Stacker Medium£9.00

Veniard Dubbing Twister

Veniard Dubbing Twister£5.50

Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Holder - Standard White

Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Holder - Standard White£17.60

Veniard Bullet Bobbin Holder

Veniard Bullet Bobbin Holder£2.80

Veniard Ceramic CI Spigot Bobbin Holder

Veniard Ceramic CI Spigot Bobbin Holder£4.40

Loon Outdoors 4'' Razor Scissors

Loon Outdoors 4" Razor Scissors£24.99

Loon Outdoors Ergo All Purpose Scissors

Loon Outdoors Ergo All Purpose Scissors£15.99

Loon Outdoors Ergo Bobbin Holder

Loon Outdoors Ergo Bobbin Holder£19.99

Loon Outdoors Ergo Bobbin Threader

Loon Outdoors Ergo Bobbin Threader£9.99


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