Fly Tying Dubbing Dispensers

What is fly tying dubbing?

This material is natural or synthetic material that is used for the body or thorax when dressing a fly. Dubbing is typically twisted around the thread and wrapped around the body of the fly. Modern materials like Nano Silk can be split and the dubbing can be trapped between the two split thread sections alternatively you could create a dubbing loop with a double wrap of thread, insert the dubbing use a dubbing twister to create a loop of dubbing. Obviously the more thread the thicker the body which is where modern materials like GSP's (Gel Spun Polyethylene materials) come into their own as they are extremely thing for their strength allowing fine layers of dubbing to be added to a fly with little thread build up.

What Can You Use for Dubbing A Fly?

Many materials are available, from coarse materials like hare's ear which is used as dubbing for the traditional GRHE (Gold RIbbed Hares Ear), Ice Dubbing which is an extruded synthetic sparkly yarn, traditional wools like Alpaca which in jumpers has lasted hundreds of years due to the think layer of lanolin which helps with floatability of flies through to Superfine Dubbings. If you want to go really superfine with dubbing then try mouse fur with Nano Silk, this makes incredibly fine fly bodies!

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Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Black

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Black£2.40

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Brown

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Brown£2.40

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Cream

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Cream£2.40

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Green

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Green£2.40

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Olive

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Olive£2.40

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Orange

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Orange£2.40

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Red Fox

Hemingway's - Beaver Dubbing Plus - Red Fox£2.40

Kaufmann SLF Dubbing Blend Dispenser

Kaufmann SLF Dubbing Blend Dispenser£21.90

Saltwater SLF Dubbing Blend Dispenser

Saltwater SLF Dubbing Blend Dispenser£21.90

Semperfli Empty 12 Compartment Dubbing Box

Semperfli Empty 12 Compartment Dubbing Box£2.00

Semperfli Empty 15 Compartment Dubbing Box

Semperfli Empty 15 Compartment Dubbing Box£2.00

Semperfli Empty 16 Compartment Dubbing Box

Semperfli Empty 16 Compartment Dubbing Box£2.00

Semperfli Ice Dubbing Dispenser

Semperfli Ice Dubbing Dispenser£19.50

SLF - Dubbing Dispenser - Squirrel Dub

SLF - Dubbing Dispenser - Squirrel Dub£25.00

Veniard - Dubbing Dispenser - Antron Dubbing

Veniard - Dubbing Dispenser - Antron Dubbing£11.00

Veniard - Empty Dubbing Dispenser

Veniard - Empty Dubbing Dispenser£5.60

Fly Tying Dubbing Boxes

From Semperfli to Frankie McPhillips CDC dubbing we have a range of dubbing dispensers suitable for every need

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