Boat Nets For Fly Fishing On Stillwaters


Landing Nets For Boats

When fly fishing from boats it is often useful to have a long handled net to scoop up the fish long before it gets to the boat. As a Rainbow Trout see's the unusual shape of the boat outline in the water it often puts on a determined dash to break free and shorter handled nets can help to the last minute loss of fish.

There are stunning long handled landing nets from many manufacturers. Some have carbon fibre or metal extending handles. With larger nets for fish that are frequently much larger than on stillwaters, another neat feature is metal and carbon fibre frames which allow the fish to be scooped over the frame into the net minimising he chance of loss and landing the fish as quickly as possible.

Still water Boat Nets

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Bass Bag

Bass Bag£10.99

Competition Bass Bag (650Mm)

Competition Bass Bag (650Mm)£22.99

Extremis Carryall

Extremis Carryall£54.99

Greys Reel Case

Greys Reel Case£8.99   £8.50

Wychwood - Bankman Bag

Wychwood - Bankman Bag£99.99

Wychwood - Boatman Bag

Wychwood - Boatman Bag£124.99   £108.36

Wychwood - Competition Reel Case

Wychwood - Competition Reel Case£49.99

Wychwood - Fly Reel Storage Bag

Wychwood - Fly Reel Storage Bag£29.99

Wychwood - Fly Wallet - Foam

Wychwood - Fly Wallet - Foam£19.99

Wychwood - Neoprene Spool Retainer

Wychwood - Neoprene Spool Retainer£4.50

Wychwood - Quick Drain Bass Bag

Wychwood - Quick Drain Bass Bag£29.99

Wychwood - Rucksack

Wychwood - Rucksack£69.99

Wychwood Flow Compact Carryall

Wychwood Flow Compact Carryall£44.99

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