Fish Skull Nymph Heavy Metal Tungsten Nymph Beads 5/32 inch (4.0mm)

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Fish Skull Nymph Heavy Metal Tungsten Nymph Beads 5/32 inch (4.0mm)

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Fish Skull - Nymph Heavy Tungsten Beads

The innovative Tungsten Nymph-Head™ design significantly improved the common, round fly tying bead when it was launched in 2007. The simple addition of realistic 3D “nymph eyes” created a more realistic fly profile. It also added 15-20% more tungsten weight to the bead which greatly improved the sink rate of the fly. These features were combined with a wide range of vibrant new colours in a scratch-resistant anodized coating to produce an advanced fly tying product that allows fly tiers to make any ordinary fly pattern extraordinary

Five reasons why Fish Skull Nymph-Head™ Heavy Metal tungsten beads are better:

  1. A more realistic fly profile.
  2. The fastest sinking tungsten beads on the planet.
  3. The widest range of color options in a superior anodized finish.
  4. In your fly box you can easily tell which beadhead flies are tungsten and which are brass.
  5. Best packaging with step-by-step tying instructions for original fly patterns.

1. More Realistic Fly Profile

Nymph-Head™ beads have realistic 3D “nymph eyes” that imitate the eyes of natural insects. This an improvement upon the common round fly tying bead and enables the fly tier to create more effective and realistic imitations of aquatic trout food!

As an option, eye color can be easily added in seconds by using a fine-tip paint marker, vinyl jig paint or a permanent, waterproof marker to suit the desired nymph pattern. This offers the fly tyer an endless range of colour combinations and fly variations. See how to add eye color.

2. Fastest sinking tungsten beads on the planet.

15-20% extra tungsten material is used in manufacturing resulting in a bead that is significantly heavier than normal round tungsten beads. When fishing you will see a noticeable increase in sink rate as your fly gets down to the “feeding zone” quicker!

3. The widest range of color options in a superior anodized finish.

Nymph-Head™ Heavy Metal beads are available in 10 colours giving the fly tyer/fisherman the widest choice of color options on the market today. There are 15 beads per pack.

Natural Fly colors includes beads in Caddis Green, Mayfly Brown, Baetis Green-Olive and Stonefly Black colors

These ten colours offer fly tyers an almost limitless number of possible colour combinations in that never ending quest for more effective, realistic flies.

Please Note: These are not “painted” or “enamel-baked” beads that may chip or fade, but have a permanent, high-quality finish using Chromax™ anodizing technology.

4. Why Tungsten?

  • Tungsten is about twice the price, but has over twice the sink rate of brass beads, getting your nymph down very quickly into the “feeding zone” and increasing your chances of a hookup by as much as 50% every cast!
  • Tungsten is environmentally friendlier than lead and this supports the trend of angling communities to move away from the use of lead based alloys.
  • Using tungsten beads can reduce your fly tying time since the need to add additional weight is often eliminated.

Bead Sizes

Nymph-Head™ beads are available in 6 different sizes covering hook sizes from #4 through to #18.

Inches mm Hook Sizes
5/64″ 2.0mm #18 to #20
3/32″ 2.4mm #16 to #18
7/64″ 2.8mm #14 to #16
1/8″ 3.2mm #12 to #14
5/32″ 4.0mm #8 to #10
3/16" 4.8mm #4 to #6

In some cases, a particular hook model, shape or size may not allow a bead to pass around the bend of the hook. Have a look at the Flymen Hook and Bead Compatibility Guide which may help you in your hook selection.


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