The Essential Fly 2014 Awards
Best Fly Fishing Tackle & Flies

The Essential Fly Gear Awards 2014 are awarded by the team, our Pro-Anglers and Pro-Tyers based on their knowledge and use of the gear during 2014. We have had the awful trouble of having to test all this tackle and fishing flies - a tough job  but someone has to do it! Tee hee!

Brook, River and Stream Tackle, Clothing & Gear Awards

Looking at River and Stream Fly tackle & flies we were looking for gear which suited our small Yorkshire streams and rivers - we have some great waters for stalking and even a chalkstream, yes a stunning chalkstream in Yorkshire!. Our criteria was for techniques and tackle that could help us when we were casting delicate dry flies, nymphing, wading and walking around our great Yorkshire fly fishing waters. Check our full range of winners for fly fishing gear on the menu to the left of this page.

Stillwater Gear

We love fishing stillwater, lochs and reservoirs. The demands on tackle & gear is very different to that when we fish on rivers so we separated the awards for stillwater gear and flylines.

Fishing Flies

We looked at our successes and fishing trips this year and which flies had been most successful for us. Of course some flies are deadly like  Mayflies for a short period of time around duffers fortnight however we were concerned with flies that caught fish consistently all year.

The Essential Fly