Fly Tying Dubbing

Dubbing Packets and Dubbing Dispensers

Of the many fly tying supplies frequently Called for regularly in a fly pattern is the many different types of dubbing available and dubbing blends available to the fly tyer. Although the amount of dubbing may be relatively small we use many different dubbings with a split thread Natural materials including natural furs and feathers like csc have always been used as a natural dubbing and synthetic dubbing used by fly tyers. Fly tying dubbing materials include:

  1. Ice Dubbings with glint are ideal for lures or adding sparkle to flies
  2. CDC Dubbing is excellent dry fly dubbing with the fibres on the cdc adding ability to float on dry flies
  3. trilobal dubbing looking naturally transluscent with a buggy appearance refracting light
  4. Super fine dry fly dub like Semperfli superfine dubbing
  5. You can dub hare into a dubbing. Both hares ear and hares mask readily used providing a spiky appearance from the hare guard hairs
  6. Natural hair dubbing like Seals fur dubbing is a traditional dubbing used less as fly fishermen are more aware of the environment
  7. Peacock dubbing for small flies or deer hair dubbing for larger flies
  8. Ready twist dub in the form or Dubbing ropes are now becoming popular due to their speed of application
  9. Even mole skins are used to provide ultra fine dubbing for small dubbing flies

Manufacturers of dubbing include Veniard, Semperfli, Frankie McPhillips, the best in dubbing in packs & dispensers. Check now from the vast range available.


Fly Tying Dubbing Tips and Tricks

Dubbing techniques may be simple using a dubbing rope, ready prepared to tie onto the hook, most however is put on waxed threads standard threads with a little dubbing wax applied. Some threads like Semperfli Nano Silk can be split and applied to tube flies, as a skud dub, applied to a wet fly or used to make a caddis fly. To dub fly tying we use a single or blended dubbing wrapping the fibres with a dubbing twister wrapping it around a hook shank which is then fluffed with a dubbing brush before a hackle is applied with hackle pliers to make that perfect fly for that hungry brown trout.

Think about the effect of the dubbing you are looking for scud dub may need to imitate legs, hares ear dubbing provides great nymph dubbing, antron dubbing is a great to add sparkle to a fly.

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