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Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser

Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser£29.40   £24.99

Glister Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser

Glister Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser£21.48   £18.26

Frankie Mcphillips CDC Dubbing

Frankie Mcphillips CDC Dubbing£7.08   £6.02

Glister Sparkle Dubbing

Glister Sparkle Dubbing£4.20   £3.57

Lite Brite Dubbing

Lite Brite Dubbing£4.20   £3.57

Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing

Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing£3.96   £3.37

SLF Dubbing - Synthetic Living Fibre

SLF Dubbing - Synthetic Living Fibre£3.84   £3.26

Colour Card

Colour Card£3.75   £3.19

Frankie Mcphillips Traditional Irish Dubbing

Frankie Mcphillips Traditional Irish Dubbing£3.60   £3.06

Ice Dubbing Bronze

Ice Dubbing Bronze£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Gold

Ice Dubbing Gold£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Starling

Ice Dubbing Starling£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn0050 Black

Ice Dubbing Syn0050 Black£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn0100 Silver

Ice Dubbing Syn0100 Silver£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn1000 White

Ice Dubbing Syn1000 White£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn10000 Fuchsia

Ice Dubbing Syn10000 Fuchsia£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn2000 Brown

Ice Dubbing Syn2000 Brown£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing SYN2050 Copper

Ice Dubbing SYN2050 Copper£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn3000 Red

Ice Dubbing Syn3000 Red£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn4000 Orange

Ice Dubbing Syn4000 Orange£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn5000 Yellow

Ice Dubbing Syn5000 Yellow£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn6000 Peacock Green

Ice Dubbing Syn6000 Peacock Green£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn6050 Lime Green

Ice Dubbing Syn6050 Lime Green£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn7000 Mint Green

Ice Dubbing Syn7000 Mint Green£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn8000 Pink

Ice Dubbing Syn8000 Pink£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn8050 Rose Pink

Ice Dubbing Syn8050 Rose Pink£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn9000 Peacock Blue

Ice Dubbing Syn9000 Peacock Blue£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn9050 Sky Blue

Ice Dubbing Syn9050 Sky Blue£3.00   £2.55

Ice Dubbing Syn9100 Royal Blue

Ice Dubbing Syn9100 Royal Blue£3.00   £2.55

Superfine Dubbing Sf0050 Black

Superfine Dubbing Sf0050 Black£3.00   £2.55

Superfine Dubbing Brown Olive Vulgata Blend£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Caddis Pupa Green Blend£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Grey / Brown Blend£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Sf0100 Dark Dun

Superfine Dubbing Sf0100 Dark Dun£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Sf0250 Medium Dun

Superfine Dubbing Sf0250 Medium Dun£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Sf0300 Iron Blue

Superfine Dubbing Sf0300 Iron Blue£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Sf0350 Light Dun

Superfine Dubbing Sf0350 Light Dun£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Sf1200 Polar Bear

Superfine Dubbing Sf1200 Polar Bear£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Sf1400 White

Superfine Dubbing Sf1400 White£2.75   £2.34

Superfine Dubbing Sf1550 Blue Dun

Superfine Dubbing Sf1550 Blue Dun£2.75   £2.34

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