Dog Biscuit Scented Fly

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Dog Biscuit Scented Fly

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Model:  EF-9203-6mm
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Dog Biscuit Scented Carp Fishing Fly

Add your own scents to this Carp Fly

Carp anglers have been using flies for carp fishing more and more over the recent years. It is an incredible site to see a large carp opening its mouth and seeing the dog biscuit fall into the large vortex as the carps mouth opens. Then the fun starts! Our Dog Biscuit 'Scented' Carp Fishing Fly has foam in the centre of the biscuit, this allows you to scent it with your favorite scent, whether it be mussels and crab, bloodworm or strawberries!

Use The Dog Biscuit 'Scented' Carp Fishing Fly To Catch:

Carp Fly Fishing Flies

The Dog Biscuitcan be used to catch Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Crucian Carp and other carp variants.

As the name indicates dry flies which includeDog Biscuit 'Scented' Carp Fishing Fly are designed to float on the surface of the water.

Dry Fly Fishing Techniques With The Dog Biscuit 'Scented' Carp Fishing Fly

A dry fly like Dog Biscuit 'Scented' Carp Fishing Fly has flotant (Gink is the most popular) warmed in your hand and gently rubbed into the hackles to help Dog Biscuit float and they are usually cast singly on a trout tapered leader. Use any scent that you like to match scents you are using for carp, pour sparingly onto the foam pad. A floating line is used, but with the tapered leader de-greased so that it does not glint and flash light spooking the carp


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