Copper Johns

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Copper John

Copper John nymphs were created by John Barr. THE COPPER JOHN went through several design changes over a period of about three years beginning in 1993. In the first version John wrapped natural-colored copper wire on the hook shank to form the abdomen. Because the fly had no underbody, the abdomen didn’t have any taper. In developing he changed the materials for the tail and legs. The partridge wasn’t very durable, so he switched from hen-back feathers to fibers for the legs and to goose blots for the tail. The hen-back fibers were durable and came in a variety of mottled colors.He wrapped lead wire on the hook under the thorax, chose the metal bead, lead, wire abdomen, and slim profile to achieve the fastest sink rate possible.

The result of al of John Barr's work is a deadly and fast sinking fly equally at home on rivers or stillwaters