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Coch y Bonddu

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Coch-Y-Bondhu - Wet Fly

The Coch-Y-Bondhu is based on the Coch-y-bondhu.


The June bug, field chafer and coch-y-bondhy, coch-ybonddu are all names give to a little rotund beetle (Phylopertha horticola). It is a useful pattern effectice as early as mid-May if trout start feeding on beetles which you will discover by spooning the fish. As one of its common names implies it is found in large numbers around the month of June and is in greatest evfidence in the Celtic fringes of the British Isles. If fishing wilder parts of the country this fly is essential during the month of June

Use The Coch-Y-Bondhu To Catch:

The Coch-Y-Bondhu can be used to catch Rainbow Trout

The Coch-Y-Bondhu is a terrestrial fly imitation. Natural insects like ants & bees can be food for trout. Imitation flies like Coch-Y-Bondhu are available imitating the natural insects (Hymenoptera) which are very diverse in appearance. Most hymenopterans have two pairs of membranous wings. It is only usually the ant, grasshopper and bee that are regularly used as sucessful terrestrial imitations like Coch-Y-Bondhu for trout fishing.

Coch-Y-Bondhu - Fly Tying Dressing

For the more adventurous among you we have provided tying specifications for the Coch-Y-Bondhu. Remember at The Essential Fly we sell the Coch-Y-Bondhu at incredible prices with a top quality fly and service to back it up. It is certainly worth tying the Coch-Y-Bondhu yourself to understand the pleasure of catching a fish with your own tied fly, however at the price we sell flies it is only worth tying one or two Coch-Y-Bondhu as your can spend more time fishing instead of tying flies - buy volume online with us.

Hook Sizes

Dry Fly 12 to 14

Silk Thread



Tip of flat gold tinsel, bronze peacock herl


Dark Furnace cock


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Just some general comments
Monday, 6 July 2020  | 

Most of the fish I catch are with flies I tie myself for the local rivers. However (slight cough and averted gaze) I possess an awful lot of flies that I buy in because they look nice and I can't tie them tidily. I fully accept the wisdom of others and my experience, that on the fairly fast flowing rivers that I fish, that if a fly is a bit grubby and looks like food, then the trout or grayling will grab it first, and think about it afterwards. I am quite sure that there would be more discernment on a chalk stream.

Essential Flies produce flies of high quality, with none of the normal commercial failing of letting glue (face up - we all use it) getting in the eye of the hook.

The only tiny gripe (and it is tiny indeed because most of the fault was mine) was that the latest order did not have the single Coch y Bonddu that I had ordered. I had intended to order 10, but missed the 0 on the keyboard. Unless I am ordering a mixed pack of a pattern, I tend never to order less than 6, of a type, albeit the local overhanging vegetation is taking a lesser toll than hitherto, and it is hardly essential to be carrying 200 flies, of which only 2 will be used.

Stay with it ES - I'm off to the river to see if the tape has been removed from the access points.

Tight lines,

Patrick Stevens

trout flies
Friday, 17 March 2017  | 

very happy with flies and service.5 star.daniel

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